Friday, March 10, 2017


You really have to tip your hat to all the volunteer fire departments here in our area.  They're out at any time of day or night.  They do it for free, and it costs a lot of money to keep the departments up and running.

Fund raising is constant, and we've seen them all-- flower sales, chicken barbecues, wing nights, all you can eat breakfasts...

The Hometown Volunteer Fire Company, in Tamaqua, is trying something different.  A "Naughty Bingo" is set for tomorrow night.  The prizes are adult toys.  From a Newswatch 16 story last month, Hometown has done it before.  It worked.  They'll do it again.  A fire company member told us it was time to try something in addition to the tried and true.  Mix it up.  Spice it up.

Admittedly, Naughty Bingo isn't for everyone, but you have to give Hometown credit for trying something different.