Friday, March 17, 2017

Remember When???

I'm trying to end a horrible week on a happy note.

Winter can't last forever.  Warm and sunny days are coming, eventually.  Think good thoughts.  Let's hope for a gradual melt down so rivers, creeks and streams stay within their banks.  We want a speedy return to normal and an end to disaster declarations.

I want my co workers to return to their homes, rather than live at the hotels next door to the office.

I want to hear lawn mowers.  I don't want to hear snow throwers.  I want to smell freshly cut grass.  I'm tired of the odor of desperation.

I want my legs to be tired from riding my bike, not trudging through snow.  I want sore arms from lifting weights at the gym, instead of shoveling snow.

Above, a sunny and warm picture of Carbondale City Hall and the park across the street, taken on a beautiful afternoon in May of last year.