Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Steve Corbett

WILK radio bounced afternoon talk show host Steve Corbett last week.

I'm not going to say I know him well, but I do know him.  We crossed paths at WARM back in the 80's and I thought he produced compelling radio.  I didn't listen to the WILK show, and I'm assuming it was standard Corbett.  The greatest sin of all is to be dull.  There's a lot of dull stuff out there.  Corbett was never dull.

Steve Corbett told the Times~Leader that his anti Trump stance got him fired.  I'll take his word for it.

Having been around radio for a long time, it all comes down to ratings and money.  A manager doesn't care what you say as long as you draw a crowd-- and it's a crowd the sales department can turn into dollars by selling commercials to businesses.

Maybe Steve Corbett's ratings were good, but advertisers didn't want to be associated with the broadcast.  I've seen it happen.  Maybe his ratings were lousy.  I don't know.  Corbett told the newspaper that management said his ratings were low and the company wanted a change.

Steve Corbett first came to the area as a newspaper reporter and columnist.  It is the columns that I will now address.  I give the guy credit for going out and seeing what was going on.  He was at the news conferences, in the courtrooms, and even in the Tunkhannock area  several years ago when there were reports of a real live tiger on the loose.  By the way, the tiger was never found.  It was in interesting story for days.

Steve Corbett was the only newspaper columnist, in the metro area, during my era, who was actually capable of selling newspapers.  You might not have agreed him, but it was entertaining stuff.  For a long time it was "must read."  You bought the newspaper because you wanted to read Corbett's column.

I'm looking forward to seeing Steve's next move, and I hope it involves the printed word.