Thursday, May 18, 2017

It's Now Official

Summer is here.

As always, the first official act of summer is to stick an air conditioner in the bedroom window.  I have those ductless units, and it's great, but my bedroom gets the afternoon sun, and it needs a cool air boost.  Plus, if you have to go to sleep at noon, you need all the cool air you can get.

I'd much rather have a fan and open windows, but the heat is excessive.  Plus, if I sleep better, I feel better at work, and that's more important than ever.

This year seems a lot like others around here-- a warm spell early, followed by a return to winter, than a rapid warm up.  I like an extended spring.  It seems like there's a quick jump from winter to summer in recent years.  Fall has really jumped forward as my favorite season.  Warm days, cool nights.

I saw an extended super forecast that says the summer will be cooler and wetter than normal.  Get ready to hate me.  I'm okay with that.  When you work all night and sleep all day, cool and rainy is a plus.  I'm sorry. 

Having said that, any forecast over seven days out is nothing more than a guess.  50/50 accuracy at best.

If you like sunny and hot, I hope you get it.  My air conditioners and I will be ready.