Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Wednesday Scrapple

Roger Ailes changed politics and television.  Very few people are on that list.

My neighbor, across the street and two houses down, has a lilac bush that perfumes the entire neighborhood.  It's amazing how far the scent drifts.

I whined to Ally Gallo a couple of weeks ago that the weather has been preventing me from getting in some bicycle time.  Thankfully, that changed several days ago.

We just had an election and I can't wait for November.  It should be a fascinating time-- and next year's election should top that.

I'm hooked on peach iced tea.

Cinnamon Pepsi makes its limited time only debut shortly.  It doesn't look like it comes in a diet version.  Still, I'll try the regular.  I'm okay with cinnamon in sweet things.  Some places use cinnamon in savory dishes, and that just doesn't work for me.

I've met experts who predicted Twitter's demise.  It's still going strong.  I think President Trump is a factor.

Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus is no more.  I shed no tears.

I'm a big fan of the MLB's Network's morning highlight show, called "Quick Pitch."  It seems there's really been a huge increase in cheap home runs in recent years.  I suspect bad pitching and smaller ballparks.

Enough with decorated graduation caps.  It was cute for a while.  Now, it's overdone and tedious.

Just checked the list of summer movie openings.  Nothing thrills me.

I stumbled upon a live version of Harry Chapin's "Taxi" on Amazon Music.  It blew me away.  Great song.  Great performance.  Great connection with the audience.