Friday, June 2, 2017

Friday Scrapple

No matter what caused Tiger Woods' driving
impairment, his fall is nothing but sad.

I'm still having a problem watching anything Steve Harvey does.  I hope he enjoys his "me" time.

When you work late nights, early mornings, and overnights, heat and sun are your enemy.  Still, the current weather pattern is really awful.

Every year, I say I'm going to hit a church picnic or firemen's carnival.  Every year, I manage to miss all of them.

Is it time for major league baseball players to shave?  Enough with the beards!

I don't know how that driver survived Sunday's Indianapolis 500 crash.

I didn't show much emotion at my high school and college graduations, so it surprised me when I got a little teary watching the demolition of my college radio station building.

Can't believe it's June already.

The yearly update of the AP Stylebook still excites me.

It was great to see all those communities observing Memorial Day, in spite of the rain.

I've been hit with a soft ice cream craving recently, and so far, I've managed to resist stopping for a sundae.

Comedy Central ran a "Scrubs" marathon on Memorial Day.  Even though I have the complete series on DVD, I watched several episodes Monday.  Great stuff!

Three Mile Island is closing.  I've driven past many times, and it never fails to send a chill down my spine.

Sorry for the people losing their jobs when Air Products in Hanover Township closes.

Mr. Met got fired for flipping off a fan the other night.  Did the person in the costume really think he could get away with that?

Scott Pelley and Kathy Griffin:  I'm working on a Media Notes blog for early next week.