Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Print It

I've used this space to complain about sloppy newspaper delivery before.  In spite of a few emails, the situation hasn't improved.  In fact, a clerk at a mini mart tells me it's gotten even worse.

My emails have been respectful and diplomatic.  The newspaper didn't even have the courtesy to reply.

Another newspaper is now on the "sloppy" list.  Three calls on the 18th failed to produce a Sunday newspaper.  The one time I was able to reach a human rather than a machine, I was told they were having "issues."  There were follow up emails to circulation, and even upper management.  Like the other paper, there was no response.

First, you can crow about all your awards and quality journalism, but if you can't get the product into the reader's hands, it's worthless.  And, yes, there are still some people who prefer the print edition.

Second, mistakes happen.  I get that.  It's tough to find good people, who will get up in the middle of the night, in all kinds of weather, to deliver your product.  I get that, too.  The least you can do is say "I'm sorry."