Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Professional Skeptic

Jack Smurl died last week.  75.  My deepest condolences to his family and friends.

Mr. Smurl first came on the scene in the mid 80's when he and his family claimed their West Pittston home was haunted.

I do not mean to be offensive, but I never bought it.  Not then.  Not now.  Too many things didn't add up.  Too many things didn't make sense.

I do feel very sorry for the Smurl family.  They were constantly harassed during this ordeal.  A Scranton bar even organized a bus trip to the Smurl home.  That was simply mean and insensitive.

The so called paranormal investigators at the Smurl home, who had access, seemed more intent on furthering their own fame than finding out what was really going on in there.  Below is a picture of my hand, holding a WARM microphone, as the investigators held a mini news conference on the Smurl's back porch.  It's from Robert Curran's book, "The Haunted."  Mr. Curran died in February.

The Smurl saga is now local legend.  It was fascinating at the time, and it remains of interest.  I will forever have the feeling that something just wasn't right.