Monday, June 12, 2017


Let's review a few things already established here in past entries.

I liked learning.  I hated school.

I always wanted to be in news and broadcasting.  However, I could never come up with a "moment" or a great reason.  I do remember always playing with a radio as a kid-- not for the music, but for the news, the jingles, the disc jockeys.  I was parked in front of Walter Cronkite every night at 6:30.

I was at the car dealer for service the other day.  One of my favorite high school teachers walked in a few minutes behind me.  I'd see this gentleman a few times a year, usually walking through the mall.  We'd exchange pleasantries and go on our separate ways.  This was the first extended conversation as adults, ever.  By the way, I had this person for a consumer economics course.  I think it was the most valuable elective my high school ever offered.  I understand it's been discontinued.

If what I've read about mental health therapy is true, they'll let you yammer on for a while, and usually you come to your own conclusions.  That's exactly what happened last week.

I got to talking about my favorite teachers back in the day, the ones with enthusiasm, the ones who actually seemed interested in their jobs, the ones who actually had something to say, the ones who could involve me.  As I verbally ticked off my list, I realized that the vast majority were in the English department.  I did enjoy some social studies courses and maybe one science.  Otherwise, it was all English, all the time.  The written word.  The spoken word.  And look what I've been doing for a living for the past few decades.

I guess some people were a bigger influence than I believed.  The man at the top of the list died several years ago.  I think the rest are still around.  If you're reading this, and you remember me, thank you for all you've done.