Monday, June 19, 2017


I was at the supermarket last week.  It was a chain that actually seems to value your time because they manage to have more than one cash register open at a time.

In my hand held basket, four items.  Four.  Quatro.  Quatre.  I headed for a line that clearly said "15 items or less."  As I turned the corner, I clearly saw more than 15 items on the belt before more.  Much more than 15.  The cashier looked embarrassed.  The offending customer saw my eyes pop out of my head and started apologizing profusely, saying a store employee told her to get in that line, which I do not doubt.

Most of her purchase was already scanned.  The cashier was quick and efficient.  The undue extra wait wouldn't be that long.  After the offender's transaction was completed, she apologized again.  I replied that if waiting in line an extra minute was the worst thing that was going to happen to me, it was a good day.

I paid for my four items and left.

Fast forward a couple of hours.  This popped up in a massage on my WNEP Facebook page"

Hi! I'm the woman you were behind at ----------  today (green sundress, more than 15 items!!!😁). Just wanted to tell you, because I didn't want to draw too much attention, you are much more handsome in person than on tv! I mean, who doesn't love a compliment?! Hope you enjoy the beautiful day!!

It was worth the wait, and yes, it was the worst thing that happened to me on that particular day.

I'm a lucky guy.