Wednesday, July 19, 2017

A Text Book Case

If you want a perfect and shining example of why American brick and mortar retail is failing, and why people are flocking to the internet, this is it.

I stopped at a big box store at 2:00 AM Monday for a couple of cases of water.  Personally, I like tap.  The chlorine makes me feel clean inside.  I have family members who won't touch the stuff.

I grabbed a cart and wheeled it to the back of the store, threw in two cases, and headed for the self serve check out in the front.  I zapped the bar codes with the gun at the register, jammed my credit card in the slot, and headed for the door.

Before I got to the exit, a security guard stopped me and asked to see my receipt.  I replied that I checked out six feet in front of him, ten seconds ago!  He replied that he has to check everyone as they leave.  I supplied my receipt, but I wasn't done with the store yet.  

I told the guard there should be  security personnel in the parking lot because the place was crawling with shady characters.

That will never happen.  Here's why.

If someone steals from your car in the parking lot of the store, that's your problem.

If someone steals from the store, that hurts the company-- and the company feels it's more important than you, your shopping experience, and more importantly, your safety.

By the way, the security guard could not have cared less about my concerns.  Next time, the manager gets a visit.

I guess I can avoid those 2:00 AM shopping trips, but that's when I have time available.  I'm sorry the store cares more about loss prevention than safety preservation.