Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Nature's Power

I spent my Monday covering flash flooding in the northeastern corner of Bradford County, near the New York line.

They really do call it flash flooding for a reason.  Five inches of rain during only a few hours.  The water came up fast.  It went down fast.  People were trapped in their homes.  A lot of damage left behind.
Creeks and streams will be high and muddy for days.

There are so many people who need to be acknowledged.  I'll start with first responders, who put their own lives at risk to pluck flood victims out of their homes.  Penndot crews gave us plenty of room to operate, and they made sure we had clear paths to get a look at the damage.  Photographer Jason Wolf worked a 14 hour day to get the first video on the air and edit an outstanding piece for our noon broadcast.  Noon producer Teresa Psolka gave me extra time to tell the story because she knew we had great pictures and solid interviews.

Above all, thanks to the flood victims who offered to tell their stories, who let us in to their homes to see the damage.  It's not easy.  Their kindness will not be forgotten.  I hope the clean up is swift and efficient-- and I also hope you never have to go through this again.