Thursday, July 20, 2017


I've been hearing a lot of people complain this summer that their backyard gardens are behind schedule.  I'm not surprised.  We had a lackluster spring.  However, it seems like a recent spell of hot and sunny days should make up for it.  It's the curse of the tomato.  They all seem to ripen at once.  No complaints there.  It means a better chance at getting free ones from friends and coworkers.  That excess had to go somewhere.

I know I yammered on about the weather Monday, so apologies for revisiting the topic too soon.

Farmers' markets are popping up all over the place.  While I have yet to visit one, I have seen the video on Newswatch 16.  It looks like there's a nice selection, so maybe the weather isn't as awful as we believed.

Another summer phenomenon is the lawn getting dry and brown.  Again, no complaints there.  A brown lawn doesn't need to be mowed as often.  Less mowing means a quieter neighborhood.  If you have to sleep during the day, as I do, you know what I'm writing about.

In spite of it all, there's something about the zucchini.  They seem to grow exceptionally well in our area.  I've long suggested a Zucchini Festival to go along with the Pittston Tomato Festival.  It's a tourist event, ripe for the picking.

Strange to say, but I smell fall.  Shorter days have become more noticeable, especially if you're an early riser.  The first of the county fairs, Lycoming, is underway-- and that's a sure sign fall is approaching.

Before all of that, the next highly anticipated event-- the yearly sweet corn explosion.  Increased supply.  Decreased price.  Can't wait.