Wednesday, August 2, 2017

I'm Not the Only One

I recently used this space to while about the sorry state of newspaper delivery-- both to homes and stores.  It's sporadic service. Papers arrive late, if at all.

Well, a recent Facebook thread I stumbled across added more fuel to the fire.  It seems a lot of people are having problems.  I really feel like mentioning the papers, but I won't.

Newspaper delivery is a tough job.  You have to get up in the middle of the night, in all sorts of weather.

If you look in the classifieds, it seems like every paper is looking for carriers.  So, what does that tell us?  First, it affirms that it's a tough job.  Second, it appears papers' pay is lousy.  Well paid people tend to stick around.  Just judging by the turnover in my neighborhood, my hometown paper can't keep good people.

Is this a moot point?  Some papers have given up on home delivery.  It's stores/newsstand and internet only.  I hope not.  I still view the thud of the paper landing on the porch as a major daily treat.

I just have a hard time believing that such an integral part of the operation, like getting your product in the hands of readers, is treated so sloppily.