Thursday, August 3, 2017

Media Notes

I never listed to Mike & Mike on ESPN Radio/TV, but I was a captive audience last week.  It was on at my barber shop.  The topic was an NFL player who had a nipple ring ripped out during practice.  I was treated to 15 minutes, at least, of the most juvenile banter imaginable.  Actually, I shouldn't insult the 12 year olds.  It was simply awful.  All I could think of was "grow up."  ESPN is splitting up the Mikes.  One goes to a new TV show while the other will remain with radio.  Moot point.  I won't be listening-- or watching.

Staying with sports, it seems all the networks have scrambled their college and professional football announce and studio teams for the upcoming season.  I hope the changes are for the better.  After looking at the names, I'm really not sure.

CBS News has yet to announce a new Evening News anchor.  There has to be some talent out there, somewhere.  Anthony Mason is doing a solid job, but I'm sure CBS wants big star power.

Can someone please explain Mo Rocca to me, and why he has a network job?

June Foray died last week.  99.  She was the voice of several cartoon characters, including Bullwinkle's friend, Rocky.  Believe it or not, Foray and I have a mutual friend.  He always spoke very highly of her.

Former Rock 107 midday personality DC Day passed away this week.  I'm not going to say I knew her, but our paths crossed a couple of times.  She seemed like a lovely woman.  My sympathy to family, friends and fans.

The New York Post and Daily News sports media writers have been writing about the hideous John Sterling for years, and yet the Yankees' play by play radio announcer keeps his job.  I can't listen.  It's that bad.  The newspaper stories say Sterling, in addition to his "me first" calls, is making a lot of mistakes.  I wonder if retirement is near.

"The Big Bang Theory" creator thinks season 12 could be the last.  I used to love that show, but the last several years have been rather weak.

A television network in Great Britain is set to broadcast some video and audio of Princess Diana-- things she never intended to be made public.  It's some intimate stuff.  The whole thing comes off as slimey to me.