Thursday, August 24, 2017

More Eclipse

Some parting thoughts on Monday afternoon's eclipse...

Did it live up to the massive hype?  No, but it was pretty darn cool, especially in the areas that had near total darkness.  I did watch a little bit of the television coverage.  It was solid.  In most of what I saw, anchors and reporters were having fun with it, enjoying the moments.  They didn't take it too seriously, and that's a good thing.
Me?  I do admit to taking a couple of peeks-- one when it was starting, one when the eclipse over the Scranton area was at its peak.  Yes, it was fascinating.  I thought the better show was on the ground.  Everything took on a strange glow, strange colors as most of the sun was blacked out.

It wasn't my first eclipse, and I pray it won't be my last.