Tuesday, August 15, 2017

My Favorite Year

courtesy:  Variety

Joseph Bologna died Sunday.  Pancreatic cancer.  82.

Bologna had a huge role in my favorite movie, "My Favorite Year."  It chronicles the adventures of a young assistant on a fictional variety show set in the 1950's.  The young assistant, played by mark Linn-Baker is assigned to keep an eye on continuously drunk movie star Alan Swan, played perfectly by Peter O'Toole.  From what I've read about O'Toole, playing a drunk movie star wasn't much of a stretch.  He was nominated for an Academy Award.

Bologna played the host of the fictional TV show, King Kaiser.  The thing I will remember most about Bologna's performance (and O'Toole's) was the swagger.  He was confident and cocky, and he didn't take stuff from anyone-- including the mob boss Kaiser's show poked fun at.

I loved every second of the film.  It often pops up on cable, and do yourself a favor.  Watch it.

As I've noted here before, I think a big reason I enjoyed the movie was I saw it at the old
Ritz Theater in downtown Scranton with a group of college friends..  A good movie.  Good performances.  Great companionship.  Can't be beat.