Monday, August 7, 2017

Out of Touch

I am a television journalist, and therefore it is my job to know a little bit about a lot of different things.  No worries.  I enjoy it.

However, there are times I'm blind sided.  Pop culture is an Achilles' Heel.  I thought I was pretty good at consumer issues-- until last week.

I was at a mini mart and parked in front of the outdoor ice freezer.  Let me back up for a moment.  I don't camp.  No parties.  No picnics.  No reason to buy bagged ice cubes.

I was shocked to see a large bag of ice cubes cost $ 4.29.  Are you kidding me?!?!

I realize you're not just paying for frozen water.  You're also footing the bill for labor, transportation, electricity, freezers, etc., but $ 4.29?  Really?

I really don't have a clever way to end this, other than to say the 99 cent bag of ice days are long gone.