Monday, August 28, 2017

Unfinished Monday

Actor and radio personality Jay Thomas died last week.  Cancer.  69.  He won well deserved Emmys for his portrayal of Jerry Gold on "Murphy Brown."  I'll always fondly remember Thomas for his yearly appearances on David Letterman's Christmas show.  Thomas told the same story every year, about getting in a crash with Clayton Moore, aka The Lone Ranger, in the back seat.  Several versions are on YouTube.  Listen to the story.  More importantly, watch Letterman's reaction.  He loved every second of it.  Letterman called it "the greatest talk show story of all time."

Hurricane Harvey slammed into the Texas coast Friday night.  Much of the reporting was responsible.  Some, unfortunately, included hysterics, drama, and needless showboating.  You know who you are.  If you're a regular blog reader, it's the usual suspects.

Harvey was going to trigger an entry on Sandy, but I'll save that for the 5th anniversary later this year.

I've been whining about poor newspaper delivery lately.  Have you noticed that your morning newspaper seems to be thinner than ever?  Mondays and Saturdays used to be the skinny days.  Now, it's spread to the rest of the week.