Friday, November 17, 2017

Friday Scrapple

Welcome to this blog's first entry of its 14th year.

Hawaii Five 0 might be the best TV theme ever, and there were some great ones back in the day.

A month ago, people were ready to hand the college national championship trophy to Penn State and the Super Bowl trophy to Kansas City.  Things have changed a bit.

Thanksgiving is less than one week away, and I'm not feeling it.

You can get a forecast from a dozen different places, but I still like listening to National Weather Service radio.

I've been spending much of my work days researching and writing some special projects.  The flood of memories crossing my computer screen still amazes me.

A great pizza makes life worth living.

It's silly, but flash drive technology still fascinates me.  So much data in such a small device.

Raw mushrooms in a salad are great, but once you cook them, I want no part of them.

Yesterday, I was in a supermarket that was selling hot turkey dinners for take out.  You would think, that with Thanksgiving a week away, people wouldn't want to look at turkey.  Yet, those hot turkey dinners were flying out the door.

Why did it take so long for people to get angry about the situation in the Scranton School District?

I am thankful for many of things, and one of the biggest is I don't have to travel next week.

Closing in on 2,100 Twitter followers.  Tell a friend.

Speaking of friends, "The Prospector" from Rock 107 is doing his annual thing and collecting food for people in need.  Help if you can.  I love to see radio stations out and helping in their communities.