Friday, January 12, 2018

Divisional Playoff Weekend

This is the time of year when I pick football games.  I will admit that while I have a very good Super Bowl record, my playoff choices leave something to be desired.

I know it's not wise to pick a domed, warm climate team to come up north and beat a team that plays outside.  Based on the Eagles' performance on the last weekend of the season, I think the Atlanta Falcons will beat the Eagles in a close game.

I have no doubt New England destroys Tennessee Saturday night.  By the way, other than the league and NBC, who thought a January night playoff game in Massachusetts is a good idea?

The Sunday early game is my upset special.  Pittsburgh has 13 wins.  Many were squeakers, on the toe of their kicker.  I don't thing the Steelers are well coached or well disciplined.  Jacksonville beat them in week 5.  While The Jaguars are not a great team, I think they have enough to beat Pittsburgh.

The Sunday late game could be the best one of the bunch.  New Orleans heads north to play Minnesota.  Two dome teams.  The Vikings' strength surprised me this season. The Vikings should be nicely rested after a week off.  New Orleans seems to be peaking at the right time.  I have no confidence in this pick, but give me the Saints.

Just a guess, but I would not be surprised to see a New Orleans/New England Super Bowl.