Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Does It Really Work?: Popcorn

I love popcorn, but most microwave varieties are too salty and greasy.  I've tried several.  I spotted what you see above on-line and decided to give it a try.  It's a silicone bowl and lid.  You place the kernels on the bottom.  Oil is optional, but I've found it works best with a tiny, tiny splash.  Three minutes later, you have popcorn.

Yes, it works and it works well.  You can generally find it for less than $15.  It cleans easily.

My first experiences were with generally available supermarket popcorn varieties.  No problem.

I read about a brand called Bob's Red Mill.  If you're not familiar with Bob's, the company has a huge line of grains and cereals, including tons of gluten free items. The popcorn is well reviewed.  The problem was finding it.  I could have bought it on-line and had it shipped, but you had to buy four bags and the shipping costs are rather high.

Wegman's has just about everything Bob's sells-- but not the popcorn.  An internet search revealed Bill's ShopRite in Daleville carries it, so that's where I wandered the aisles last week.  I couldn't find it!  It wasn't in the snack section.  Not in cereals, with all the other Bob's products.  I finally cornered an employee and she gladly took me to the unpopped popcorn section-- near the candy and nuts.

I have to add that several Bill's employees and customers are fans of WNEP and the weekend morning broadcasts.  Thank you, and you all treated me so nicely.  You made my day.

Of course, I had to pop some Bob's as soon as I returned home.  My review:  it tastes the same as other popcorns, but the big difference is at the bottom of the bowl.  Just about every kernel popped, a much higher percentage than other brands I tried.

I tried the yellow variety.  It also comes in white.  Will I buy it again?  Yes, I'll grab another bag the next time in the neighborhood.

It's the new year, and so many of us intend to eat lighter and healthier.  Try popping your own corn.