Monday, January 22, 2018

Monday Scrapple

There's a house on my way to the gym that had one of those electronic Christmas countdown decorations in front.  Christmas was weeks ago.  I still look at the front porch every morning.

I've always found the first half of January passes quickly.  The second half drags.

I didn't get the chance for an up close look at last week's ice jams, but I have seen them before-- Wyoming Valley, Tunkhannock, Matamoras.  Amazing things to see.

Keith Jackson's recent passing was very sad, but I really enjoyed listening to his work again.  he did radio news back in the day.  I can only imagine how those broadcasts sounded.

Any time I tuned to cable TV coverage of the Pennsylvania Farm Show, someone was square dancing.

Is there anything better than a hot pizza on a cold day?

Supermarkets have dozens of varieties of canned soup, and some are excellent.  Yet, I choose chicken noodle just about every time.

I recently drove past Lake Scranton.  It's amazing to see how many trees last year's tornado took down.

Government shutdown:  There's enough blame to go around, on both sides.

Sorry skiers, two January thaws this year is fantastic.

I went two for two on NFL predictions this weekend, even though I thought Minnesota would put up more of a fight.  There will be a Super Bowl pick next week.  It's not difficult to guess who it will be.

Burger King has a sandwich with two 1/4 pound beef patties.  Intrigued, but I probably won't.

The first Good Morning America meteorologist, John Coleman, died over the weekend.  83.  He also founded The Weather Channel.  One of the best presentations ever.