Friday, January 26, 2018

Taste Test

I will start by apologizing to my friend, adjacent desk occupant, and WNEP Taste Test reporter Kerry Brazen.

Secondly, it should be noted that I am a very harsh critic of myself, but I do admit there are times when even the most mundane things can amaze me.  I do like that.

Let's go back to Tuesday morning.  There was a slight lull in the office.  It was raining heavily.  Ice jams and flooding were still a couple of hours away.  I ate light Monday so I was ravenously hungry Tuesday morning.  I also had a case of office claustrophobia.  I told assignment editor Mary that I was stepping out for about ten minutes.

My destination was about a mile away-- one of those chain mini marts, a chain not known for its quality food.   I had neither the time nor the stomach (pardon the pun) to wait in line at a place that sells "real" food, so the mini mart was my best available option.

The egg salad sandwiches at this place are almost tolerable, but as I scanned the refrigerated case, I was out of luck.  None in sight.  I decided to try my luck with chicken salad.  While I'm not a mayonnaise fan, I do like egg salad, chicken salad, and potato salad.

Anyway, I bought the sandwich, walked through the rain to my car, got in, and freed the sandwich from the plastic case in which it was sealed during the Eisenhower administration.

Much to my surprise, it was good.  Really good.

It's possible my state of hunger rendered anything tasty.  It's also possible this particular chain of mini mart decided to up its quality.  I really don't know.  I'm in no real hurry to try my luck with another chicken salad sandwich, but it's nice to know there is a semi decent option out there for those hungry mornings.