Sunday, February 11, 2018

Andy's Angles: North Washington Avenue

I never complain about the hours I work.

I remember what the great Bryant Gumbel said when he left NBC's Today show.  He was asked about getting up early.  The reply was that he wasn't going to complain because there are a whole lot of people who get up earlier, for a lot less money.  I'm not making Gumbel money.  My employer takes good care of me.

The shift has its advantages-- like when there's a fresh snow, early in the morning, long before daybreak.

Above is the early morning view, looking up North Washington Avenue in Scranton Tuesday morning.

Below is the shot in the opposite direction looking south.

It was exceptionally quiet.  The new snow gave the city a clean look, covering the old and crusty snow. 

Morning is a great time of day.