Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Hatless in Seattle

It was right around the freezing mark, but the wind was whipping, and it was really cold.

And, I wasn't wearing a hat.  The truth be known-- I had two baseball caps, earmuffs and a knit hat in my work bag, and that's where they stayed.

You see, wind is hard to show-- especially at 4:30 AM and there are no flags.  The snow was too crusty to blow around.  I had to use what's left of my hair to illustrate the conditions.

Yes, we did receive a couple of emails and Facebook messages.  Rest assured, I'm fine.  Seconds after I finished my report, I was back in the warmth of the truck. 

And, there was a bonus.  When I returned to the office, the news director slapped me on the wrist for going hatless.  I was then rewarded with one of our new knit hats.
There is still a lot of winter left, so I'm sure you will see this hat on my head sometime soon.