Monday, February 19, 2018

The Usual Suspects

Today is Presidents Day, and that always gets me thinking.  Do I have a favorite president?  No.  Not really.  There is a list of chief executives I admire.

You really have to start with Washington, Adams, and Jefferson.  They got this whole thing started.

Lincoln makes everyone's list.

I can't say I was a fan of everything FDR did, but he did lead us out of the depression and through a world war while battling tremendous physical handicaps.

Harry Truman had guts.

JFK had an amazing ability to inspire, but he loses points in other areas.

LBJ was overshadowed by Vietnam, but he did fight for equality.

Nixon was a mess, but you can't overlook his foreign policy skills, especially when it came to China and the USSR.

Ford tried to heal a nation and battle inflation.

Jimmy Carter worked for Mideast peace, but his record on domestic affairs was dismal.  He will forever known as the "hostage" president.

Ronald Reagan changed America.

That's my short list.

Enjoy the holiday.