Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Tuesday Scrapple

George Harrison, the quiet Beatle, would have turned 75 over the weekend.  Even though he was part of the most famous group ever, I still think Harrison was underrated.

I have the Barney Miller boxed set.  I collected Scrubs DVD's season-by-season.  Yet, I cannot turn away from an episode when it appears on TV.

We'll finish February with above normal temperatures.  This is no time to relax.  Winter isn't over yet.

There are times I really crave a Big Mac.  Yet, I can't remember the last time I had one.

Samsung is coming out with a new smartphone.  I have to admit I was tempted, until I saw the price.

Are the Olympics over yet?

Christmas was two months ago.  It seems like it was two years ago.  And, yes, I'm still kicking myself for not doing anything really fun over the holidays.

I'll occasionally punch up an old Rodney Dangerfield performance on YouTube.  I really miss him.

Nanette Fabray died last week.  97.  Impressive list of stage, film, and television roles.  I will remember her best for Hollywood Squares.

Can anyone figure out the stock market?

They say other browsers are better, but I still spend most of my time with Internet Explorer.

After a walk yesterday morning, I definitely got the feeling spring was in the air.  Even though long tern forecasts call for a normal March, that still isn't bad.

Looks like Elvis Presley's $ 100 million fortune is gone, mostly thanks to his daughter's wild spending.  How on earth do you do something like that.  Invest.  Live off the interest and dividends.