Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Valentine's Day

I've ranted about Valentine's Day before, but not in the usual way.  I hate to hear people complain about it.  Be thankful you have someone special in your life.

Valentine's Day is also significant for a couple of other reasons.

It's when I usually finish gathering all my financial records, in preparation for turning them over to the tax guy to make some sense of them.  He always does, and that is a blog entry for another time.

There is also a weather aspect to all of this.  Valentine's Day is also when winter begins to wear on me, and I begin to look for signs of spring.  If the forecast is to be believed, this year will not disappoint.  You can already feel the sun growing stronger.  The days are getting longer.

While we have had some brutally cold days, along with a few snow storms, winter really hasn't been that bad.  I can live with the cold.  As has been established here before, snow troubles me.  It makes for dangerous travel and restricted mobility.

Winter is far from over, and some of our biggest storms have taken place in the tail end of winter.  However, it appears the worst is over.  Famous last words.