Saturday, March 10, 2018

Andy's Angles: The Rest of the Story

I shared the photo you see above on social media Tuesday.  It does need a little bit of an explanation.

First, Joe and I occasionally do something slightly humorous on Facebook.  It's an attempt to show that I do have a lighter side, which many people still don't believe exists.

Second, I really do have an interest in the weather.  My desk is near the weather office and I often stop by to see what's going on and ask questions, especially if there is a storm in the forecast.

There was a time, in my high school days, when I seriously considered meteorology as a career. I used to love watching J. Kristopher do the WNEP weather back in the day.  J. wasn't a meteorologist, but he was a gifted communicator.  I'm glad our time at WNEP had a slight overlap.  It was a kick working with someone I really admired as a kid, and as an adult.

So, what derailed the meteorology train?  Math.  As I looked in to it, I discovered you had to take a lot of math courses.  I was never fond of math, and some horrible experiences with a couple of awful junior high school math teachers cemented my opinion.

I strongly admire those who can do it, but I wasn't cut out to be a number cruncher.  I'm a writer, and a liberal arts college like Marywood was a much better fit for me than a science based school.  By the way,  Joe has been teaching a meteorology course at Marywood for the past several years.  He added oceanography this year.  I've offered to be a guest lecturer when the chapter on mermaids comes around.

As the great Paul Harvey used to say... And now you know, the rest of the story.