Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Media Tuesday

I'm getting really tired of certain celebrities telling me how to live my life.  Enjoy your billions.  Please, leave me alone.

Ron Allen and Mike Remish were great at celebrating the work of local high school athletes.  Both are no longer with us.  John Mendola's Saturday morning radio show carries on the tradition, and it's refreshing to hear someone talk about local kids doing good things.  Of course, this is the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre area.  I hope there are similar efforts in the rest of northeastern and central Pennsylvania.

The NCAA basketball tournament doesn't interest me-- unless there is a team exceeding expectations.  Everyone loves a Cinderella story.

Back in the day, all the games were on CBS, and network management always found a way to switch you to the most interesting games.  Now, the games are split up on several networks.  It's great that you can watch the game of your choice in its entirety, but some of the magic is gone.

I spent several years at a CBS station, and the first two days of the NCAA tournament were always the worst for our telephone operators.  They would field tons of calls from people upset that the soap operas were preempted.  As hard as they tried, they just couldn't convey that it was a network decision, not a local one, and the soaps would pick up where they left off.

By the way, it might be a good couple of weeks to avoid sports talk radio.  Nothing bores me more than hearing people talk about their brackets.

ESPN dumped Sean McDonough from the Monday Night Football both.  Joe Tessitore is in.  ESPN is still looking for a Jon Gruden replacement.  Monday Night Football struggles because the games are bad, not the announcers.  McDonough is very good.  He'll be ESPN's number two guy on college football.

FOX wants NBC's Mike Tirico to do its new package of Thursday night NFL games.  Why?  There are a dozen, at least, who can do a better job than Tirico.

There is a web site that features network news music.  I really miss the old version of the ABC News theme.

Saturday Night Live's ratings hit a season low this past weekend.  It might be time to do something other than bash the president.