Thursday, March 22, 2018

Shocking Behavior

A few of us were in the office the other day, talking about the approaching snow storm.  Remember, this was when snowfall amounts were much higher than what the storm actually delivered.  Everyone was complaining about the potential for ton of snow on the first day of spring.  When it was my turn, I said I didn't care.


Are you kidding me?

The guy who complains about snow, all the time?

I explained that I was lucky.  The storm was hitting on one of my days off, and for a change, I had nothing scheduled.  No broker, no accountant, no auto service, no family medical appointments, nothing I needed from the store, no veterinarian., no dry cleaner, no place to go, 

I had the luxury of reading, surfing the internet, watching TV, and napping... and watching it snow.

Plus, while spring snows can get you down, remember that warm weather will soon be here.  It melts quickly.  The grass will return.

I do understand the struggles of people in parts of our area.  They were hit with quite a bit of snow.  I also understand the issues involved in being reporters and photographers during a big storm.

As it turned out, my area received only a few snow showers.  It melted when it hit the road.