Thursday, March 1, 2018


Welcome to March 1 and the first day of meteorological spring!

Before I join everyone else in going off the deep end, I do realize we can have some very cold weather and snowstorms in March, and even April.

While winter is not my favorite season, there are some things I will miss-- bundling up for a brisk walk on a winter morning, that tingle you get when walking out of the gym in single digit temperatures after a workout and a hot shower...

A new one was added to the list the other day.

I hate shaving and I rarely do it on my days off.

What I will miss about winter is splashing your face, after shaving, with the exceptionally cold water that comes out of the tap.  Yes, the water is cool in the summer, but not like it is on a winter morning.

If it's a season y9u really don't like, you have to find little things that make you happy.