Friday, March 9, 2018

They Still Don't Get It

Sunday night's Academy Awards telecast was down 20 per cent from last year.

I'm sure horrible weather in the northeast played a role, but you can't turn back on what is likely the major factor.  Entertainment is supposed to be a diversion.  An escape.  No one wants to hear what some star or starlet thinks about politics.  I saw clips.  Despite Jimmy Kimmel's best efforts, it didn't appear to be a fun broadcast.

Yes, there should be discussions on harassment and inequality.

Time and place.

And once you delve in to politics, you automatically know that half of the country agrees with you.  The rest disagrees.  Can you afford to turn off half of your audience?

Other awards shows saw the drop.  The NFL took a hit this year, although it is by far the most popular televised sport.

Bring back the fun.

And, Papa John's is no longer the official pizza of the NFL.  In the fall, Papa John's owner said his sales were down because of the whole NFL player/National Anthem controversy, so the end of the relationship is really no surprise.

The NFL's new official pizza is Pizza Hut.

I know there is a glow attached to being the NFL's official pizza, but I chose my pies based on taste and location.  In my book, the NFL is oh-for-two.