Friday, April 13, 2018

Education Week

I do apologize for the lack of variety on topics this week.  I'm like a dog with a bone.  Once I get a hold of something...

It's another entry on education to close the week.  There are a few other education ideas I'm mulling over, but they can wait.

As I was prattling on the other day about how junior high can be just as influential, possibly even more so than high school, I left something out.

I had a 9th grade Civics course taught by Hyman Markowitz.  Loved it, and Mr. Markowitz was such a kind and patient man.  He left us several years ago.  I know his relatives check in here on occasion.  Mr. Markowitz was a great guy who taught me a lot.  It was a great foundation for a jobh in the news business.

Again, the other day, I lamented how I run in to so many young people who have problems forming complete and coherent sentences.  I also encounter so many young people, and adults, who know very little about how their government works.  Let's fix that.

Most afternoons, I manage to catch John Hancock's show on WBT in Charlotte.  John spent a couple of years at WARM in the mid 80's and working for him was a great time.  Anyway, John kicked off a discussion on influential teachers recently.  

It's tough to explain, but there were so many times I felt a teacher's influence long after I left school.  I'll remember words spoken, lessons learned, years ago.  Education doesn't end the day you receive the diploma.  The good teachers leave something with you that lasts a lifetime.