Friday, April 6, 2018


A new movie, titled "Chappaquiddick" opens today.  Clearly, it deals with Edward Moore Kennedy's crash that killed a young woman with Luzerne County roots.

It doesn't rise to the level of obsession, but I think I'm like the rest of America.   The Kennedys are always of interest.  When channel surfing lands me on a JFK assassination documentary of History of National Geographic, I linger to watch.  For the record, I don't believe in a massive conspiracy.  However, I do think tons of information has been withheld from the American people.

It's the Kennedy way.

ABC and NBC great David Brinkley was once asked why every Bill Clinton scandal, and there were many, made page one...  and it was hands off Kennedy, Brinkley said he didn't have a good answer.  It simply wasn't done back in the 60's.  Pity.  We deserved to know what JFK was really like.

I have mixed feelings on the family.  I respect their sacrifice.  Few families have given more.  Two public murders.  Absolutely horrible.  On the other hand, I resent how there was two sets of rules.  One for them.  One for everybody else.

Ted Kennedy got away with homicide in 1969.  Much of the legal activity that followed was done behind closed doors.  It was embarrassing to watch his presidential candidacy implode in 1990.  Roger Mudd of CBS asked Kennedy why he wanted to be president.  Teddy didn't have a good answer.

The privilege carried to 1999.  JFK, Jr. and two others died in a plane crash.  The autopsy was rushed.  Established procedures not followed.  We'll never know what was in JFK, Jr's blood.  If there was something present, the deaths of the other two would be homicides.

Will I see the movie?  No.  I've ready plenty about Chappaquiddick, and I'm sure the movie will prompt another wave of television shows and magazine articles.  49 years has not dimmed the curiosity.