Thursday, April 5, 2018

Media Notes

Dan Patrick isn't coming back to NBC's Sunday Night Football.  His call.  Too bad.  Patrick is one of the good ones.  It means more Mike Tirico, and you know how I feel about that.

Number of Baltimore Orioles games on free TV this season:  0.  Awful.  The same goes for the Washington Nationals.

I caught Imus' last show last week.  He dropped the mic very early, at 7:20 am and didn't do a full show.  That last broadcast was rambling and disjointed-- a tough listen.  After some nasty remarks about Rev. Sharpton and Howard Stern, it was over-- but not before proclaiming himself as one of the best ever.  Classless.

Watching "Roseanne" is not in my plans.  I'm not surprised it did well, but the numbers exceeded my expectations.

The Indianapolis 500 jumps to NBC next year, after more than 50 years on ABC.  Even though the race doesn't generate the interest it once did, this makes me sad.  Tradition.

Why are people so surprised that Facebook involves no privacy, whatsoever?

Because of "Scrubs,: I'm a huge Zach Braff fan.  "Garden State" was also excellent.  New sitcom, "Alex, Inc."  Ugh!  Likeable character.  Nice, overly sassy wife.  Precocious children!  Why does every sitcom have precocious children!?!?!?!?  There is potential for a really good show here, but this one will have a hard time winning me over.

Happy baseball season is back.  Not happy John Sterling is back.

Brockmire returns to IFC April 25.  Great series!  Not for the kids.

Stephen Bochco died over the weekend.  74.  Bochco is responsible for "Hill Street Blues."  I'm not one for police shows, but I do respect the man and the show had on the industry.

The TBS ratings for Monday night's NCAA basketball championship were off quite a bit.  I sort of understand it.  Villanova/Michigan really wasn't a great story.  The game was tight for a while, but a lot of people lost interest when Villanova built up a lead.