Tuesday, April 10, 2018

STEMming the Tide

For a single and childless individual, I sure have a lot of opinions on education.

Here's one.

There's been a huge STEM push in recent years.  It stands for science, technology, engineering and math.

Wonderful!  That's where the jobs are.  Many STEM programs aim at leveling the playing field for young women.  After all, men dominated those fields for a very long time.

Please, think about this.

While you're balancing your equations and trying to build a better mouse trap, don't leave English behind.

I run in to so many young people who cannot construct a decent basic sentence, written or verbal.  They have problems expressing thoughts.  It makes me sad.

I was lucky to have some great junior high and high school English teachers.   My parents never said no, during my early years, when I asked them to buy me a book.  I proudly attended a liberal arts college.

Please, never lose sight of the fact that you can have a head full of great technical knowledge, but you are lost unless you can transmit and translate what you know to someone else.  In science, there are trends and fads.  Great communication never goes out of style.