Wednesday, May 30, 2018

A Funny Thing Happened...

I bought myself a Christmas present last year.  It was a smart watch.  It's not a high end model.  I just wanted to see what the buzz was all about.  I had no desire to track my steps, or the amount of time I sleep.  I didn't synch it with my phone so I could receive messages on my wrist.  I was looking forward to checking my route and mileage during biking season.

I should add that it's a darn fine watch, with nice big numbers.

When I sat down and thought about it, it was a waste of money.  I usually take the same route, and I already had a rough idea of that mileage.

Then, a funny thing happened.  I found myself varying my route a little with each excursion-- just to test the sensitivity of the watch, checking to see how far it is from here to there, and the time I needed to do it.  The watch has brought me a great deal of enjoyment, and it's added to my biking routine.

An unexpected benefit!

By the way, I do most of my biking in the dark.  As noted earlier, my bike has lights, a full set of reflectors, and I wear a reflective vest.  I showed Joe Snedeker the make and model of light I use.  Joe didn't think it was adequate, and he let me borrow one of his.  Holy cow!  It makes my route look like a night game at Yankee Stadium.  Thanks, Joe!