Monday, May 7, 2018

A Week Late

My bike usually comes out of storage in mid or late April.  I ride early in the morning, but not if it's below 50 degrees.  A bundled up bike ride isn't much fun, and springtime temperatures have been elusive this year.

That changed last week.  It was a taste of summer in early May, so there I was, pedaling about town.  Fresh batteries in the light, back in Spandex and a reflective vest, dodging potholes, skunks and bunnies, hitting those little pockets of cool air, feeling my thighs burn.  Good times.

I have a tendency to overdress, but I went light this time.  Smart move.

Observations:  nothing really out of the ordinary.  Unless you put big ones on every pole, LED street lights are useless, roads are still a mess, most drivers are courteous, an amazing number of people barbecue and run their clothes dryers in the middle of the night.

This was my first bike ride with a GPS watch.  Had it charged and ready to go, paired via Bluetooth with my phone.  The watch found the satellite easily, but I hit the wrong button and it didn't record my trip.  You could have heard me scream two towns away.  I'll get it next time.  It looks like I'll need my glasses when I ride, so I can see what's going on with my watch.

Even though I regularly peddle ten miles on a bike at the gym all winter long, it's quite a bit different when you're on the street.  I intended to start small, but I would up going my usual route-- and even a little more.  Unfortunately, there is no proof.

This is the start of my seventh season on the bike.  It's still as much fun as the first.