Friday, May 4, 2018

Friday Scrapple

Sonic at the Wyoming Valley Mall closed.  Published reports say the restaurant owner and the mall could not agree on a new lease.  I've been at the mall.  This is not the time to be fighting with tenants.

I was never a huge Bill Cosby fan, but I respected his ability to draw a crowd.  There is no joy in watching his fall.  My heart goes out to the victims.

It is simply amazing to see the leaders of the two Koreas talking.

I attempted to make a bitmoji, but as hard as I tried, it just didn't look like me.

Save my retinas.  What is it with the rapidly increasing number of people who cannot drive WITHOUT their high beams on?  There is a time and place-- but not on city streets and in small towns.

Diet Pepsi is now available in skinny cans, like Diet Coke.  The shape of the can makes absolutely no difference to me.

"The Price is Right" won an Emmy Sunday evening.  Well deserved.  The show has evolved over the years, and while I miss the Bob Barker days, Drew Carey is doing a great job.  The show is hitting on all cylinders.

I never thought I'd quote Megyn Kelly, but she is right:  "You don't know what you don't know."

I read an interesting story on how Walmart is gearing up to grab all the customers left by the Toys R Us closing.  Face is.  It's going to be a Walmart and Amazon world.  Nothing lasts forever.

There was considerable ink recently concerning the death of the man who composed those very catchy and informative "Schoolhouse Rock" songs.  Deservedly so.  At the same time, CBS was doing little newsy items between cartoons, called "In the News."   They were voiced by the great Christopher Glenn.  "In the News" ran for 15 years.  I loved those things.  I will admit to a lack of knowledge on childrens' television.  I do remember Nickelodeon was doing news for young people.  Is any of that left?