Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Settling Dust

It's been one week since the primary.  A few additional thoughts...

I had the Lackawanna County turnout percentage the day after the election.  It was bad.  Luzerne County also reported some lousy turnout figures.  It's not difficult to see why.  Governor Tom Wolf and Senator Bob Casey both ran for their nominations unopposed.  The bottom of the ballot races, while important, didn't excite people.

Only one in six voted in Philadelphia, according to the Inquirer.

If there's anyone who doesn't expect a bloody and bruising battle between Casey and Republican Lou Barletta, I'd like to meet them.  From what some insiders have said, Democrats think they will have an easy time against Barletta.  It remains to be seen.  As always, turnout will be key, especially in Philadelphia, where the Democrats have the registration edge.  Turnout there was weak two years ago, and it helped put Donald Trump in the White House.

According to PennLive.com, some big Republicans don't think Barletta can do it.  If there is no national money coming in, that race could be over fast.

Sen. Casey had a combination primary victory celebration and campaign kick off party Saturday night at a union hall in Dunmore.  Plusses:  Saturday night.  Plenty of people could attend.  Unions are important to the Democratic strategy.  Fun.  Informal.  Minus:  media exposure.  Not prime time.

The 112th was among the more fascinating races this year.  After a crowded primary, it's interesting to see if a party, usually Democrat, comes together to support the nominee.  After all, there are always bruised feelings, hurt egos, etc.  Kyle Mullins' vote total was so high, he might not need much help from the four people he defeated.