Monday, June 11, 2018

Monday Scrapple

Not only are we losing D Day veterans, we're losing people who realize D Day was a huge deal.

I don't know how Floridians live with alligators wandering through their yards.

I'm an old radio guy, and I always admired Anthony Bourdain's voice and delivery.

Why does Dickson City still have culm banks?

It's almost mid June-- time for the back to school sales to start.

Asphalt plants have been open for several weeks-- and some roads are still awful.

The person who invented peach iced tea deserves an award.

A Las Vegas win would have been a better story.  Congratulations to the Washington Capitals.  I don't follow hockey.  Like the NBA, the season lasts too long and too many teams make the playoffs.

The NBA Finals turned out to be a bust-- a Golden State sweep over Boston.  And, I really don't care where LeBron James plays next year, even though he is a tremendous talent.

Amazon is out with some new products.  Voice activated technology is so fascinating.

I'd really love to be in on the Singapore Summit.

Calerie and I were talking about it over the weekend-- how do those giant bumblebees get off the ground?

The general election is still four months away, and I can't wait.  It should be interesting.