Friday, June 1, 2018

The Creeper

I noticed it last week, on Thursday, while I was taking a relative on a 20 mile drive to a medical appointment. There was a ton of traffic on the interstate.  It was clear people were getting an early, early jump on Memorial Day weekend.

In the past, Friday afternoon was get-a-way day.  Now, it's creeped up to Thursday.  Can Wednesday be far behind?

Independence Day is another set of challenges.  It's on a Wedesday this year.  Some people will take off the first half of the week.  Some, the second.  A lot of people will take the entire week.  Next to Christmas week,  the first week of July has to be an exceptionally popular one for vacations.

Summertime holidays are not the only ones subject to creep.  Black Friday used to be the big Christmas shopping day.  Then, it creeped up to Thanksgiving.  Some stores now kick off their sales on Wednesday.  I'm not sure if it can creep any earlier.

Are there observances that can avoid the creep?  Maybe.  Labor Day.  Schools and colleges are open.  It's tough to get away earlier and stay away later.

Even New Year's Day has been creeped upon.  Some celebrations for young people take place at noon on New Year's Eve.  Others start in the evening for those who can't or don't want to stay up late.  There is still the magic of the clock striking midnight and a new year beginning.  I had a great time in Pottsville at the start of 2018, even though temperatures were in the single digits.

The same goes for Christmas.  Midnight mass is fading away in favor of earlier services.

The great George Carlin used to say "You don't tell time.  Time tells you."  I'm not sure if that's still true.