Wednesday, July 11, 2018

I Lied

Last month, as I was gradually increasing my cycling length and testing my smart watch, I said I was going to hit 20 miles, just to see if I could do it.  Afterward, I would scale back to something in the mid and upper teens.

As you probably know from my endless yammering about it, I hit 21.5.  The next few rides were a little shorter.  I was out for only 45 minutes on one morning during the heat wave.  It was brutal.

Something funny happened Tuesday morning.

The weather was absolutely perfect.  Starry sky.  Temperatures in the mid and upper 60's.  Empty streets.  Aired up tires.  A freshly lubed chain.  A wonderful planetary alignment.  The only thing that was less than perfect was a crescent moon.  There is nothing like pedaling around with your path lit by a giant full moon.

Anyway, I looked down at my watch after being out for a couple of hours.  I was surprised to see I was getting close to record territory.  The ride had been relatively effortless so far, so I thought, why not keep going?   The last couple of miles were tough, but there was a great deal of satisfaction when I topped 23 miles on my last block.

So, what's next?  Some friends are pushing for 25.  I'm not sure.  We're headed into a couple of months of warm and humid nights.  I might give it a shot as we approach fall.