Monday, July 16, 2018

Monday Scrapple

I had the oddest craving for Cheetos last week-- the crunchy kind, not the puffy variety, and that never happens  The urge hit while I was at work.  Fate smiled on me, and there was one bag left in the WNEP vending machine.

Sometimes, I really wonder if some radio programmers listen to their own stations.  I've been hearing a rash of sloppy execution lately, especially during the top of the hour network newscasts.

Advances in LED lighting technology are great, but I still think they make lousy street lights-- unless your town invests in the really big ones.

I've been using my smart watch on my little bike trips for a few months now.  I'm still fascinated by how it works-- and my model isn't even high end.

This is kind of "inside baseball," but remember that old saying that "money goes to money?"  It has been especially true in recent days.

Why does the first half of the month go by more quickly than the second half?

Any list of underrated sings needs to include "Vienna" by Billy Joel.

Why is Camp Bisco tolerated?

I was watching a professional golf tournament on TV the other day, and I had no idea who those people were.

Is the World Cup over yet?

Scranton City Hall needs $ 8 million in repairs.  The building is a gem.  There are no other options.

If you get a chance, go to YouTube and watch some of the interviews with David Brinkley.  He talks about the Nixon years.  Nixon didn't like the media, and reporters really didn't like Nixon.  Brinkley said the media's job is not to love or hate.  It's to report what happens.  We've lost sight of that.

I'm about done with summer.

My weekend highlight was ordering shredder lubricating sheets.