Saturday, August 4, 2018

About the Cover: Jessup Fountain

I've always liked fountains, and I understand why there aren't more of them.  They can be expensive and require a lot of maintenance.  I remember the days when the Wyoming Valley and Viewmont malls had fountains at center court.  At Viewmont, they rarely worked.  Wyoming Valley's always seemed to be in good shape.  Then, there came a day when mall management realized they could lease the space for kiosks and carts.  Yes, there was a time when businesses clamored to get in to malls.

Anyway, this is the Fountain of the Immigrants along Church Street in Jessup.  The fountain resembles one in Gubbio, Italy-- the only other place in the world where St. Ubaldo Day is celebrated.

The fountain cost $6,000 and community donations helped make it happen.  At nearly ten years old, the fountain still looks and sounds great.