Tuesday, August 14, 2018

It Bites!

Most of my Monday morning was spent in Williamsport, where the Millionaires football team held a midnight practice.  I'll write more about that in the days to come.

Photographer Jason and I had to make one stop on the way back.  As Jason was shooting video of a Fire Police roadblock near Montoursville, I got out of the car to look around.  The word quickly spread around the neighborhood.  Fresh meat.  My welcoming committee was comprised of some of the nastiest mosquitoes around.  At least six bites in just a few minutes!

I've read that, thanks to the wet weather, this is a banner year for mosquitoes.  Believe me, I have first hand knowledge.  I grabbed an antihistamine out of my work bag, and popped a couple on the way back to the office.  There is some bite relief wipes in the newsroom medicine cabinet, so I made it through my shift without massive red bumps showing on television.

We need mosquitoes.  They're bird food.  But, either the birds are slacking off at the bug buffet this year, or there are simply too many mosquitoes to handle.