Tuesday, August 7, 2018


The video of the damage from the western wildfires is sickening.  Entire neighborhoods destroyed.  It makes you feel so powerless.

Apple is now worth more than $1 trillion.  Are Apple products really that good?

President Trump packed 11,000 people in to the Wilkes-Barre Township arena last week.  As I said during the 2016 primaries, underestimate Mr. Trump's popularity at your own risk.

I don't get iced coffee.

I don't get hot coffee.

Less than one month left in the minor league baseball regular season, and less than two months left in the major league baseball regular season.  The summer has dragged.  Yet, it seems the baseball season, as always, has flown by.

Brookstone has filed for bankruptcy and is closing all of its stores.  There was one here, for a short time, inside the casino in Plains Township.  Visiting a mall store was always fun, and I still have a few products, including a great alarm clock, from the catalog.

Warner Brothers is considering making new "Alf" episodes.  Alf is one of tv's all time great characters.

Joe Buck has signed a three year extension with FOX Sports.  It's a good thing.

I've had a recent spike in Twitter followers and I can't figure out why.

It looks like there will be a tone of bridge repairs along Interstate 81 in Lackawanna and Luzerne counties next year.  The news is cringe worthy,  but 81 is a mess.  It needs the work.

It's amazing how much New York Governor Andrew Cuomo sounds just like his father.