Friday, November 16, 2018


The blog is 14 years old today, and I've told the story of the blog's genesis several times.  Let's try something a little different this time around-- a quick overview of my social media footprint.

The blog came first, and it still does.

I've been in and out of Twitter for a while.  @AndyPalumbo_  I now have the little blue check mark, so that means I'm a real, actual person.  At least, according to the people who run Twitter.

AndyPalumbo.com has been around for a while now.  I'll have to get in touch with my web guy for an update after the new year.  It's time for a tweak.

I've had a LinkedIn account for years.  I still can't figure out it's purpose.

I was on SnapChat and Instagram for a while.  I enjoyed seeing other people's photos, and I apparently know some skilled photographers who lead great lives.  However, I never had much to offer.  I wasn't getting a lot of enjoyment out of those sites, so they are gone.  It was too many mouths to feed.  I might be back.  Someday.

There are two Facebook accounts.  One is the "professional" page, constructed at the urging of WNEP management a little more than two years ago, and I get that.  I built a personal page a couple of months ago.  That one is for people I actually know.  Friends in the real world, not just on the internet.  I had to do it.  It's the way people communicate these days.  I will grudgingly admit that the personal page has helped me reconnect with some very special people, one in particular.

What's next?  Who knows?  The internet and social media is a brave new world.  I'm sure someone will invent something bigger and better, and become an overnight billionaire.  I have never given any serious thought to ending the blog.  It still gets a healthy number of hits every day.  Thank you, dear readers.  It really means a lot to me.  I'm still having fun doing it.  It's a wonderful creative outlet.

There is an exciting addition coming to WNEP.com.  I don't have a date for it, but I think you will like it.  I'm still not sure if I will be involved in the project.  It does intrigue me, and interest me-- a lot.

Tomorrow, the start of year 15.  Thank you, again.